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5 Reasons You Should Use Pay Per Click to Boost Your Business

5 Reasons You Should Use Pay Per Click to Boost Your Business

Every business has leads and it is important that they are converted to actual customers and how you engage with these leads are important as much as the channels that are used. The channels used are the business website, social media, or even online communities such as Facebook groups to continue the conversation however, integrating PPC into your marketing mix contributes to the working together of these various channels ensuring you are the best possible option for consumers and further speeds up the process of getting them through whatever that stops them from ultimately converting.

As a lead moves lower down the funnel in becoming a customer, it is important that your marketing team know how to increase the likelihood that there is a conversion. Consumers today have more choices within their grasp and your competitors aren’t in anyway relenting in ensuring that they are in their faces when consumers expresses their interest in products and services.

Marketing is crucial to your business in order to cut through the cluster of information all over the internet and establish your presence online. Pay per click (PPC) can play a huge part in making sure that you reach a bigger audience and increase your visibility.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising and How Does It Work?

Pay Per Click also known as PPC is the umbrella name for placing advertisements across various platforms such as Faacebook, Google, and others alike. The adverts created are targeted at specific groups of persons who you believe are interested in your offering and are going to convert. PPC is similar to Search Engine Optimization, however in the case of SEO you rely on organic traffic to drive these conversions i.e. it doesn’t really costs you money.

Are you about asking about the pay-per-click part? Just as the name implies, you pay the advertising platform (the publisher) every time someone clicks on your ad. How much you pay is dependent on how much value you believe a click is worth. It is the most popular form of advertising currently and integrating this into your marketing can bolster sales for your business. The idea behind PPC is to ensure you have a highly specific creative that it prompts your lead to carry out an action.

Why Should Your Brand Leverage on Pay-Per-Click Advertising?


Unlike traditional advertising where you have to pay so much to reach a high number of people of which a majority wouldn’t even notice the ad, PPC offers you a flexible model that ensures you pay only for the ads that work! You can pay either for a cost-per-click (CPC) for each user who click on your ad, or a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) for every thousand users that view your ad. The fact that you are only paying for ads that deliver results makes pay per click worthy of integration into your marketing mix.


Running a PPC campaign gives you an insight into how your business is doing by allowing you to measure different aspects of your business. You are able to see where you are doing well and where you need to rethink your strategy – this provides room to tweak your current advertising strategy or possibly come up with a new campaign to better improve your business.


The beauty of PPC ads and how it works is that it allows you the room to target the demography that truly have an interest in your products and/or services and show you in their faces when they are actively searching for them or in an environment related to such services you render. For your business, you can decide to geo-target a particular area and customize your settings such that your ads show up only for people in that specific location, you can also decide to show your ads on particular websites if you know that is where a majority of your market spends their time. With all of this and many more, you are sure to show your ads to the right person at the right time which truly ensures that the kind of traffic that you are driving to your website has huge potentials of converting into sales for your business.


The two most popular ways to market your brand online are using text and visual ads. Text ads simply put are used to convey your brand’s unique selling point’s ability to meet the needs of your potential clients in a clear, concise, and straightforward manner. Visual ads on the other hand provides with a more creative manner to deliver you message using images, videos, and rich media content. The bottom line of all this is to kindle the interest of your potential client in such a way that it prompts them to take an action by clicking your ad which leads them to your website and could end up becoming a sale.


Businesses can caught up in growing their followership that they forget to stay connected and engaged with their existing client base. Engaging with this existing community reinforces your brand and also makes your customers in some way connect deeper with your business. As a business owner, you can set out to launch a new campaign targeted at past visitors of your website – for example, providing them with a discount offer to the product they have recently viewed in your e-commerce store. Re-targeting helps you and your business lead your returning customers further down your sales funnel.

Pay-per-click advertising is a powerful digital marketing tool that can help in growing your company’s customer base whilst simultaneously increasing your marketing reach to an otherwise untapped audience leading to an increase in revenue. Your brand/business can explore this opportunity and we at Webcoupers are available to discuss various options and strategies with you, implement what works best for your brand, and assure you of a wider reach in the African marketspace on the internet.

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