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Gov. Fashola and M.I hangout on Air(HOA)

"Leveraging social media to drive customer results"

About This Project


Governor Fashola’s Hangout on Air (HOA) was the first official government activity on Google+.
Our brief was to come up with a strategy to complement offline promotion with online ads to drive signups to the online event.


The Brief

The Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB) set out to change the orientation of Nigerians about power consumption, electricity services and how they view public agencies the Conserve Energy, Save Money Campaign.

As part of the activities for the campaign was a Google+ Hangout  with the Governor of Lagos State,  Governor Raji Fashola, anchored by popular rap artiste M.I Abaga.

WebCoupers  had the following deliverables;

  • Complement offline promotion with a digital strategy to grow awareness and drive signups on the online event.
  • Reinforce the brand message by targeting Nigerian audiences in the diaspora.


Our Strategy.

  • Campaign segmentation by geography ensuring different Ad copies for Nigerians in the Diaspora.
  • YouTube In-stream Ads to drive views of campaign commercial on YouTube.
  • Video Annotations to drive signups from within the YouTube video
  • Facebook Ads targeting Nigerians in the Diaspora, creating top of the mind awareness on the platform.



  • Was recognized by Google as the first official government activity on Google+.
  • Over 3,500 live participants joined the Hangout with over 4,300 additional views on YouTube within the first week of the campaign.
  • Follower growth rate of over 300%; faster than any other local influencer on Google+.
  • Fan growth rate of over 300% on Facebook during the campaign with more than 40% being Nigerians in the Diaspora.


Company Profile

The Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB) set out to change the orientation of Nigerians about power consumption, electricity services and how they view public agencies the Conserve Energy, Save Money Campaign.

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