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Surebet247 Campaign

About This Project


Spinning the Odds of Sports Betting in Nigeria

As one of Nigeria’s leading sports betting and casino sites, SureBet wanted to integrate digital platforms into their marketing strategy. Due to the peculiarity of betting, the initial challenge was getting around advertising regulations. Despite these restrictions related to betting, we were able to optimise their online advertising campaigns to yield maximum results, which has informed their retainer status.

Playing in the Big League

With more than half of the Nigerian population online, betting companies are beginning to recognize the need to establish viable online operations. Nigeria has become a thriving market, and sports betting firms have sought to capture market share with various degrees of success. SureBet incorporates an offline and online model, but the later has been more influential in reaching out to a young and vibrant segment of the population that is not just passionate about sports, but about being rewarded for this passion. In fact many internet reviews describe it as “the fastest paying betting company in Nigeria for online customers who want to play with their laptop or mobile phones”.


In a rapidly evolving business landscape, there is a huge competition for market leadership. Therefore, betting companies with real goals of domination can no longer play small, as the competition has shifted from small corner shops, to the mobile phones and gadgets of the 21st century audience.

Clearly, Surebet needed to position itself in this changing landscape in securing brand awareness and visibility to a highly specific audience.

About SureBet

Surebet247 is an online/offline gaming site that commenced operations in 2011 after procuring the necessary paperwork from The National Sports Lottery Commission (N.L.R.C).

In its few years of operation, it has added value in no small measure to bettering the lives of its affiliates and the economy of the nation at large; thus now, one of the largest bookmakers in Nigeria, with over 1,200 retail outlets, and their web and mobile gaming sites for sports and casino wagers.