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35 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks (Part 2)

In our last article, we gave some insight on some conversion rate optimization hacks. Below is a list of the concluding tips.


  • Use high quality product images


Most people are moved by what they see, make sure all your product images look very professional. Even the best products will look bad if their images are not well taken.

  • Optimize checkout process


According to Baymard an average of 69% customers abandon their cart at the checkout point. So it’s important you optimize your checkout page to prevent cart abandonment. Make it a simple and straightforward process also make it as short as possible.


  • A/B test checkout page


After optimizing your checkout page don’t forget to A/B test it and see if it gives the users a better experience or not.


  • Add alternate payment method


Add as many payment methods as possible, this will help prevent people from abandoning their purchase because one method isn’t working or convenient for them.

  • Use larger product images

Using larger product images will make it easier for visitors to identify the product they looking for on your site.

  • Use bigger buttons

Let your buttons be big enough for users to see easily. Larger buttons tend to perform better than smaller ones, that doesn’t mean they should be too big. Just make sure it’s large enough and fits your website’s design.


  • Offer gift cards


Gift cards can do three things for your business,

  • Increase awareness
  • Increase sales
  • And Makes things easier for your customers

So if you don’t already run a gift card program for your store, you should seriously consider it.


  • Optimize products page


Make sure all product pages are well optimized to give users all the information they need. Product description, images, ratings and reviews should be very visible on your product pages.


  • Add “FAQ” for products


It’s good to anticipate what questions your users might ask and answer them beforehand. FAQs gives customers answers to their questions even before they ask, isn’t that cool.

  • Add product ratings

This makes it easier for visitors to know what your previous customers thinks about your product and services. Good ratings mean more conversion and vice versa.


  • Let customers review products


Allow users to drop reviews on your products and services, this doesn’t only increase your customer’s trust, it also gives you insights on what to improve on and do better.


  • Show reviews by customers


It’s not enough to receive reviews, it important you display them on each of your product page.


  • Get more customers reviews


Find ways to get more customers to review products they bought on your site. You can send them reminders via email or display a message on dashboards telling to review the product they bought. Now don’t disturb them too much some people just don’t want to review the product.


  • CTA button color matters


When picking a color for your Call To Action (CTA) button make sure it stands out and is very visible.


  • Place CTA right


Also know that you have to place the CTA button at the right spot that will attract clicks and in turn conversions.


  • Use proper CTA


The Call To Action is very important in the sense that it tells people what next to do on your site, consequently using a proper CTA is critical. You should know when to use “Learn More”, “Buy Now”, “Give a try”, “Get Started” e.t.c


  • A/B test your website page


After you’re done with all the optimization hacks, A/B test your pages to see what you’ve done right and what still needs working on.

There you have it, 35 conversion rate optimization tips that will surely boost your e-commerce site’s conversion rate significantly.

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