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35 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks

Having a knowledge of conversion rate optimization hacks is the best way to achieve maximum conversion on your E-commerce website. Not optimizing your e-commerce website is like having a physical store with unattractive goods. Yes, people will come to the store and browse through your goods, but if the goods aren’t attractive they might not buy.

The ultimate goal for an e-commerce site is to have as many people who visit, buy an item or more. To do that,here are thirty-five tips to optimize your site for maximum conversion rate.


  • Increase Your Page Speed


Everybody hates a slow website. According to kissmetrics, if your website takes more than FIVE seconds to load, you could be losing about 30% of your visitors, yes, that much. You can use tools like Google’s page speed test to get an insight on how fast your website loads and how to make it load faster.


  • Place Your Logo Right


Your logo is what visitors will use to identify your brand. A well designed logo will give the visitor a good impression of your site. Also, placing it in a very visible position will help visitors remember your brand wherever they see it.


  • Keep the Homepage Simple


Do you know that some people get distracted very easily? That’s a good reason to keep your homepage as simple as possible. If someone comes to your page to buy a fan, make sure your page is optimized to help him find the fan. If your site is confusing and he ends up another segment of your site, he might forget why he’s on your site in the first place then close the tab, you don’t want that.


  • Make Navigation User-Friendly


Make things easy for people to find. As a developer, you might think you have done a great work building the website. However, it’s important to ask other people to use the site and ask them how easy it is to navigate the site. Use their feedback to improve the site and make it more easy to navigate.


  • Use Live Chat


Customer service is very important. People don’t like waiting for ages before a rep attends to their problems and that’s why live chat is a very great tool. Customers can chat with a representative and have their issues resolved without having to wait.


  • Offer Free Shipping


Offering free shipping is a proven way of boosting your conversion rate. It gives customers a win-win feeling, they don’t have to go to the store and they don’t have to pay for the convenience of shopping online. This might not be possible all the time, but try to offer free shipping once in awhile if you can.


  • Avoid too many share buttons


Share buttons are very useful, but like everything else when it gets too much it starts to annoy users. So keep it at minimum or if possible, check for the best plugin that fits with your website.


  • Add contact phone number


Always include your contact details on your site. It might become challenging for a customer

For those who don’t have the patience of waiting for you to answer their mail, it’s important your phone number is available on the site for them to reach you instantly. Because if they are unable to reach you they’ll most likely move on to the next store.


  • Make your website responsive


You should know that more and more people are viewing your site on mobile devices, if your site isn’t optimized for their device I think you can guess what happens. Of Course they’ll leave! Your site must be suitable for all devices and browsers.


  • Place promo code on homepage


Promo codes are great for increasing conversion rates, I mean, who doesn’t love discounts. It’s not enough to just have promo codes, it’s important you make it very visible to your visitors.


  • Redesign, A/B test of your website pages


When you redesign your website, make sure you A/B test the older version against the newer version. This will help you know if you actually improved the user experience (UX) of your website or you just made it worst.


  • Let customers to checkout as guests


This might not be for everybody, but if you can, give users the option of checking out as guests without having to sign up/in. This will reduce the steps involved in placing an order on your site and save the user’s time.


  • Add free trial


This works based on the Loss Aversion marketing psychology, people don’t like losing what they already have. So, if you offer services on your e-commerce site, you should consider giving your visitors free trials. If they find your service useful they’ll most like want to continue using it, so they pay for it.


  • Use video on your homepage


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how many words is a video worth? Adding a video to your homepage can tell your visitors so much about your business, and influence their choice of doing business with you or not.


  • Share testimonials


People want to know what other people said about your goods and services in order to decide if it’s good for them or not. Make sure your customers are leaving comments on your services and that you share them on your website for others to see.


  • Add video testimonials


It’s also a good thing to add video testimonials, this gives the visitor an impression that your brand is credible.


  • Reduce feedback form fields


When users want to give you feedback they don’t expect to waste time doing it, so don’t make them. Keep it short, don’t ask too many questions.


In the next post, we will be describing the other hacks. Don’t miss it!


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