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5 Tips To Improve Your Brand Communication Strategy

Your brand communication strategy is a great determining factor of how well your audience is likely to respond favorably to your business offers. Brand building doesn’t end with visual identity, location and so on. It involves the consideration of certain points to keep your audience more engaged with you. Below are some key components to be considered when trying to improve your brand communication strategy.

1. Create a Buyer Persona
As a brand, it’s very important for you to create a buyer persona. This simply means developing characters that depict what your target audience will literally be or consist of. For example, if you own a lingerie store and want to promote a line of luxury lingerie gifts, who do you think is likely to buy? Men or Women? Chances are the men will likely buy more for their girlfriends or spouses. Knowing this will enable you to develop and share content that will most likely attract men more.

2. Engage in Interactive Conversations.
People are more likely to interact with a brand that seems more human than a computerized-like one. It’s okay to want to communicate your message as succinct as possible however, it does better than harm when your communication is done like a human. An example of this can be through your social media channels. Look for interesting topics in your industry that your audience is likely to be interested about and try to talk about it like a person rather than an organization. You would soon notice that the probability that someone responds to you will be slightly higher than if it was done the other way around.

3. Be Helpful
In addition to making our channels as human as possible, also be helpful in your conversations. Many organizations make the mistake of just placing links as responses to consumer inquiries. Take time out to understand the inquiries you have received and respond to them in a helpful manner. The habit of sending links makes your channel seem automated. Also, if you are going to use automated responses, let the language be genuine, homely, calm and human enough. Several organizations have chosen to go the way of bots for responses. If you are going to use bots, make sure they are at least helpful. “Hello Jacob, how may I help you?”, “Hi Jacob, We have recently updated a version of …, Will you love to try it?”, statements like this will get your audience more interested in engaging.

4.Talk About Other Interests
Because you are being a human, it’s great for you to talk about other things apart from your brand.Your audience wants to know that they can also engage with you about other issues that are not directly related to your brand. For example, if you are brand catering to the Nigerian audience, in 2019 you can talk about elections and encourage your audience to vote. This shows that you are also concerned about the location you reside in.

5. Involve Consumers in Your Content Creation Process
Don’t be a brand that just comes up with a lot of content without really involving your consumer. Brands that are widely appreciated across the world are the ones that frequently ensure that the consumer is part of their content development process. For example, Coca-Cola Share A Coke campaign ensured that for a long period of time, Coca-Cola didn’t need to think so deeply about coming up with a content calendar. They were able to retrieve several images, text, videos etc from their audience who were talking about their campaign anyways.

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