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8 Tips For A Successful Pitch

Business owners are often concerned about getting investors interested in their idea and one major way to achieve that is to have a successful pitch. However, an excellent idea is not enough to win an investor over; the ability to convince the investors is the major key.

When preparing for your pitch, you need to carry out an audience analysis. A perfect understanding of the audience is fundamental to ensure that your approach is effective at the end of the day. Below are eight tips to guide you.

A- Analysis
Always do a general analysis of who the audience is. Who are they and what do they know? Are they experts in the field that you are about to present on or are they just random business personnel? The same rule applies when you are pitching an idea for marketing purposes.

The next thing to do is to understand their knowledge of the topic you are about to present. Are they amateurs or experts of this subject? Would the be gladdened if you give facts or will they be uninterested?

D- Demographics
Build up a demographic analysis of the audience. What is their likely age group or probably sex? Are they foreigners or people from your locality? What is their educational status?

Why are they coming for the pitch? Were they forced to or is it a natural desire? How likely are they to generate interest in your topic? What is their background?

Where are you going to be presenting? Will you be standing or sitting? Will there be a podium? Will they be able to see/hear you? Will the audience be comfortable where they are?

What are the needs of the audience? What do they need to hear or receive? What do you also need?

What specific needs/problems/issues do you have to address to them? Your pitch should be tailored to appeal to their thoughts/emotions.

E -Expectation
What is their expectation at the end of the day? What do you want them to take away from your pitch?

A thorough analysis of audience gives you more leverage to have a successful pitch!

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