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The “Art” of Digital Marketing

Once upon a time the word advertising meant adverts and promotions on traditional media such as Television, billboard, posters, radio station. However in the past years a game changer has popped up with an immense growth in popularity in recent years. Digital Advertising cannot be termed the “new kid on block” has it has been […]

Brilliant Ads – TD Bank Canada Says Thank You to their Customers

Advertising and marketing efforts are aimed at influencing the public to take a particular action or continue to take a set of actions. The advent of the internet has brought about new opportunities to reach potential customers and with it digital marketing (Content marketing, Social Media marketing, PPC, Display advertising e.t.c). This blog series (Brilliant […]

Introducing WebCoupers

First of all, Introduction. Welcome to the Webcoupers blog. We are delighted to welcome you on a journey to discuss digital marketing trends and strategies aimed at increasing the reach and visibility of your business online. Webcoupers is a fast growing full service digital marketing agency with expertise in research, planning, creating and selecting the […]