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Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

The Social media manager should have a strong background in creating engaging social content and posts, plus understanding how social media impacts a brand’s overarching marketing strategy. Social is often a consumer’s first experience with a brand so a strong social presence is essential to creating successful 360° marketing strategies.

He/She must be adept at studying market trends, analysing customer needs & gaining insights that aligns with a brand’s objectives to devise, execute, and test ongoing campaigns while improving content and optimizing promotions along the way

Required Skills / Abilities

  • Must have an existing influencers network or relationship with influencers that can be leveraged for client campaigns
  • Must have a robust and visible online presence
  • Job experience – 1-2years


  • Day to Day account management of clients social media accounts and content platforms
  • Understand the Inbound Marketing Methodology and implement in all content marketing activities
  • Develop Digital Strategy for clients Briefs
  • Exceptional copywriting skills
  • Setting initial benchmarks for followers, increased traffic, etc.
  • Preparing quality content for blogs and social platforms
  • Creating promotions and contests to increase engagement
  • Engaging experts and influencers to increase brand reach
  • Using analytics software to measure campaign success
  • Online PR and Events Coverage
  • Take up Community management role as a secondary role when necessary
  • Developing strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sites
  • Creating buzzworthy/viral content based on brand needs and real time trends(Real-time Marketing).
  • Developing an editorial calendar to coordinate publishing schedules
  • Promoting viral posts and advertisements via social media promotions
  • Growing social media followers through targeted promotions
  • Ideating, developing, and running social media marketing campaigns
  • Engaging with friends, fans, and followers on various social platforms
  • Keeping on top of the latest social media marketing trends
  • Inbound traffic generation, content management, and online reputation management.