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How To Measure Stickiness on Your Blog in Google Analytics

Stickiness tells us the extent to which customers are “stuck” on your content. It is all about how much your blog can keep people coming back. You run the risk of having your blog like a basket if all of your effort to create content does not result in people coming back to your site.

As you know, “what cannot be measured cannot be improved”, therefore a key step in the realization of better stickiness for your blog is measurement. Measurement helps us to understand where the opportunities for improvement may lay. There is a multitude of data available in an Analytics software, So what exactly are we measuring? (Question of the Decade :)). There exist Reports and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), that help you to track stickiness on your blog. These Reports are;

  • New vs. Returning Users
  • All Pages


New vs. Returning User

The New vs Returning Report can be found in the Audience tab, under the Behavior sub-tab in Google Analytics. This report at a glance gives a count of total users, grouped into New Users and Returning Users. The report is significant for you because it summarizes the makeup of your traffic. A high number or percentage of returning users (RU) shows how much you are retaining users.

New Vs Returning User Report
New Vs Returning User Report

Google Analytics Benchmarks in the Blogging Resources and Services category puts the percentage of returning users at 33 %. This represents a value against which you can compare your RU.

This report gives an overview of the make-up of your traffic. You can dive deeper by segmenting on device or audience or any other relevant dimension. Segmenting in this fashion gives more detail to the New vs Returning Users Report. In the case of segmenting on a device, you can see the number of returning users that came from each device type; mobile desktop, tablets. This gives an understanding of the device that retained the most users and can provide information on the device to optimize your content for.

New Vs Returning Users Segmented by Device
New Vs Returning Users Segmented by Device

You can get this report by clicking to the standard New vs Returning Report, and then click secondary dimensions. In secondary dimensions, type device category in, and voila!


All Pages Report

The All Pages report is also an effective tool in tracking the stickiness of your blog. The all pages report makes it possible to view each individual blog post along with associated metrics. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) here is the Average Time On Page.  The time spent on your blog is another dimension of stickiness. This is because people spend plenty of time on your blog when they like what they see. Checking this report would quickly give you insight into the blog posts that perform well. This kind of information makes it possible to fine-tune your future blog posts after those that have performed well.


Google Analytics All Pages Report
All Pages Report

So these two reports would help you begin the process towards increasing your blog stickiness. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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