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How to Optimize Your Brand This Valentine Season

February 14th is often a day set aside for people to display the depth of their affection for those whom they care about. Asides that, it is a day for brands to extend their care and appreciation to their customers. As a brand that exists in the millennial age, to keep up with the constant change in demand by the mass market, connecting with your audience is what matters the most. A healthy relationship between a brand and its customers lies in the quality of interaction between them. Successful brands often rely on making the most irrelevant thing seem extremely important. This simply means, going above and beyond in ensuring that all parts of your brand are enticing enough to fulfill your customer’s desires.

You have probably heard and read about how brands can optimize valentine season through marketing and branding. And if you have, you would have also known that by today (Date of this publication), it’s almost too late as a brand to not have developed a plan for the season. If you haven’t, that’s okay because sometimes, isn’t being late sometimes better than never? Taking that statement seriously, we have done something different by outlining how brands can optimize the Valentine season by taking into consideration, the key departments of a creative agency!


The finance department is very key in an agency because other departments literally can’t do anything without finance. And that’s true. No matter how less necessary money is to help that idea grow, you still need to create some form of a budget to ensure nothing goes sideways as progress is being monitored. The same thing happens when planning seasonal promotions or ideas. Have an estimated budget that you intend to work with. It helps you understand how stretchy your idea can go.

Copywriting & Ideation

What idea do you intend to work with? This department solves that. The season talks about love so how creative you can be about the idea of love? In addition, how can you relate the subject of your idea with the focus of your brand? Creativity doesn’t stem from following what the pack is doing. So everyone is using “hearts and teddy bears” to talk about love. Who says you can’t use frogs? I mean, The Princess and the Frog is a beautiful love story. Or isn’t it? The greatest ideas are often the ones that are achieved when people think differently. Valentine can be more special than you currently think it is. People are generally willing to spend money in the valentines season thus you should craft a good offer to create some form of connection between your brand and your audience. All it takes a little more push towards creativity. Go for it.

Design & Product Development

Creative designs are never based on assumptions. Don’t assume anything about your audience because doing that makes the chances of success extremely slim. Basing your entire product on mere assumptions about the user, market, competition, viability of the idea, makes the chances of success extremely slim. Research provides data that informs the business and user needs, which eventually lead to creating a product that users love.   Don’t create anything out of sheer laziness. Nothing provides more clarity than actual research data to backup your initial assumptions. Fit in continuous research into every workflow, every role and every step of the way in the product development process. Also look out for feedback because a healthy feedback is not just great for a product team, it helps improve the design/development process and often leads to better products as well as helping the team grow. Encourage feedback from all stakeholders, most especially, the users – at various stages, by use of prototypes.

Account Management

Data provided by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Worldwide states that people catch the love bug and buy gifts for their better halves in the valentines season to the tune of 13.2 billion dollars on average. In the process of spending money to get gifts, they also make heavy use of search engines and read articles while researching for the perfect idea for a valentine gift. This kind of concentrated activity around the love period presents savvy digital marketers and PPC experts with the opportunity to increase customer engagement with their products/websites, and make more sales or enjoy increased traffic.  Especially in E-commerce, businesses that sell beauty products, for instance, latching onto keywords like “perfect valentine gift”, “sweetest gift”, and “Valentine package” in search campaigns would help to attract customers in the in-market segment who are ready to make a purchase. Also for businesses such as hotels and restaurants, writing love-themed, keyword-targeting articles with topics around “the perfect romantic getaway” or “romantic dinner” in the blog section of their websites would help to drive organic traffic to their websites that consist of visitors with a high likelihood of making a booking. The Account Management department seeks to ensure that the idea that has been developed is actually gaining some form of traction outside the scopes of the idea itself. It means taking into priority your keyword optimization, audience reaches online, the engagement so far and several other aspects.

In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, opportunities abound for savvy digital marketers to make an impact; be it in increasing customer engagement, sales, or brand loyalty. The question is, would you be savvy enough to make this love season count? How have you optimized your brands for this Valentine season or how will you be willing to?

(Compiled by Webcoupers Staff)

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