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WEBCOUPERS CHILDREN DAY SPECIAL: Children are the Branded Art of Parents

As a marketer you are concerned about the nature of the product you plan to market. No doubt, your major aim or motive is to make sales and ensure you churn a good return of investment (ROI) but you know the only means to really achieve this is by gaining loyal customers.

Derailing a bit, I think marketers are grouped into two sets; those who are totally preoccupied with making sales but are not perturbed as to how or how long the sales will continue, I tag them as opportunist marketers (if I were you I will be careful not to hire such persons), while the other marketer although his major aim is to make profit through sales, is majorly concerned, on how he can engage and satisfy the customers throughout the marketing stage in order to gain their loyalty. What is the difference?

Don’t expect me to answer that now as I totally derailed from my introduction and I am so disturbed that you might not have gone through my introduction journey without a hunger for more. But if you are here, then this article is not pointless. Like every marketer, brand promoter, PR, producer or entrepreneur, their major preoccupation is the product even before it is launched to the world. I call this product conception. Before the birth of a child is the conception stage typically known as the state of being conceived the beginning. Do they sound similar? I can confidently state that before an infant is delivered, there must be a fertilization of an ovum to form a zygote, the start of pregnancy where the embryo is formed, similarly before any product is launched, it is conceived, planned, fine-tuned and developed.

What I am saying is that an agreement to have a baby by a spouse, leads to intercourse, from conception, to the pregnancy stage through which the baby is delivered and lastly the growing up and parenting stage a process. I have tagged the parents art of branding or child branding, is largely similar to a branding or marketing process where the product is first conceived, then formed, and then launched. However while one is artificial, the other is a truly natural birth.

Going biblical it is well said that parents should train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” based on this I have formed a notion that the way a child turns out in his later years is largely owed to the development process he underwent from his parents. The physical look, height are natural factors that cannot be changed and are based on the genes of the parents (which is still branding), the way a child behaves, talks, think, ideologies, school attended, peer group, fears, believes and a whole lot of endless list is determined by the training or molding process of the parents. There is no disagreement that we all turnout having one or two attributes of our parents as such every parent should see their children as an art, a product to be marketed. Taking every detail into account in their child’s developing stage, because consciously or unconsciously they are determining the potential market value of that child.

As a brand promoter before I launch a product, I would first determine the product’s current value, what the product is offering and how the product can develop to create a high value. I would survey the current estimation in the market, from the eyes of its customers, finding out the challenges of the product and what the customers expect the product to do? Its current strength and weaknesses and lastly I would create a message around the products; various ways through which the product can be identified, its brand behavior (for red bull, the product seems to take action rather than just sit and talk, mountain dew an energize notion to do the dare, for Coca-Cola creating an unending customer experience).  The core part of marketing is when a product brand behavior is grasped and understood by the customers. Sometimes, it’s the customers that determine a brands behavior, but most times through effective campaign and product performance a product’s brand behavior is established.

Parents should similarly take the same initiative in creating a brand name for their children. Remember, you can either train them so well that they have a strong brand name and an attributed brand behavior in the community or you can let them do as they please and they are tagged like those brands that customers would never raise an eye brow for and would prefer to wait in queue to purchase their preferred products than get theirs in a twinkle (brand advocacy).


Is finance really a problem in determining the branded outlook of your child? Well to an extent it is, most times the brands with the best campaigns have more capital and income to launch such, although I believe Rome wasn’t built in a day as some big brands today really started small; it is majorly about doing things consistently the right way not entirely about how much you have. Some would argue that parents with huge incomes have the means to send their kids to good schools that would help shape a child’s ideology, level of thinking and future turn out. Do you buy the things you can’t afford? Or what you want or need?

Life is a process of scale of preference, and just as you leave the expensive product to purchase an alternatively similar but cheaper product, or reduce your wants to save enough to purchase the things you really need you, can follow the same steps in determining the schools they will attend. However I would state that though the kind of school attended really matters as it would certainly shape some behaviors and ideologies, they are considered external factors when compared to parenting which is an internal factor.Remember, the child would surely be an adult too, it’s this parenting that would make him decide to attend those schools you couldn’t afford, thrive to afford same for his own kids or even create one himself. The important thing is training him in the way he should go as that would form his ideologies and values.


Finally, every product after formation is launched with a series of ad campaigns, continual product reformation and tweaking in order to increase sales, create brand advocacy and customer loyalty which would ultimately determine the product market value. Similarly, a child would cease being under the parents and would set out on his own as he/she matures. However, his potential market value which I calculate as his value as an independent adult in his community is highly determined by the parent’s training, decisions and education when he was young. So as the old advice goes, how you design your products/market campaign will determine how your customers will perceive your brand, likewise how you train your child will determine his branded value in later years.



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