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What Startups Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

At the struggle age, startup founders often have to decide whether they seek more money (in the form of investment) or more customers/reach. Startups need investment to function as a company, however, without marketing, customers won’t be able to know their presence or even recommend the business to others. Social media marketing help founders and business developers alike to manage this problem effectively.

Running social media marketing campaigns do not require a large sum of money. It is one of the easiest, affordable and most effective online marketing strategies. Startups that are looking to accelerate their growth as quickly as possible need to consider using social media marketing to achieve their goal. Below are some tips on how to initiate a successful social media campaign.

1. Understand your voice: Every brand has a unique online personality that their audiences associate them with. Identify your tone and begin to suggest ideas on how to showcase the voice. You need to consider your likely audience interest when trying to find your voice. Do you want to be known as a fun brand or a rigid one? What might be your audience’s interests? Do your audience consist mainly of adults or kids, females or males, students, workers, etc. All these statistics would help you discover what voice should be communicated.
2. Develop a plan. Just like other marketing means, social media marketing often involves developing an action plan. It is often required that your plan is documented to guide the account managers that might jump in during the period of your campaign. Your plan might be developed to suit a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The plan often consists of a goal (long-term or short-term) schedule, content direction, channels of communication and a handler. Without an apparent goal and your strategy, your content might not be as successful as you want it to be.

3. Develop a team: Sometimes, this comes before developing a plan. A team can help to contribute relevant ideas that will in turn help develop a successful campaign. Most business executives often assume that social media is quite easy to be handled on their own. However, you would soon realize that hiring a good social media manager or selecting a member of your team who is better as a content developer to handle your social media strategy it is the best. Having a team enables everyone’s brain power helps create a successful strategy and maintain a good online reputation for the brand.

4. Invest in Influencer Marketing: If you have additional cash to spend, hire the services of a social media influencer to help spread the word out. Social Media influencers have advanced knowledge of how social media channels work, and a majority of them do make a living from being an influencer, hiring one gives you better chances of quick growth.

5. Paid Advertising: This is a straightforward way to increase your impressions, engagements, and audience across social media accounts. With paid advertisements, there is a likely hood that your brand will generate a very high pace of growth from its inception. This, in turn, helps you generate leads and or drive sales for your brand.

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